I’m takin pain pills, I’m takin pain pills (why?) 
Wishing it can take away the pain 
Smoke a lot of kush, I smoke a lot of kush (for what?)
Thinking I can blow away some things 
I’m sippin codeine, I’m sippin codeine (why you sippin?)
Wishing I could slow down fame
(How you manage this lifestyle?)
I’m tryin' to substitute everything
I'm tryin' to substitute everything 
I’m tryin' to substitute everything
I’m tryin' to substitute everything
I’m tryin' to substitute everything

Today I took a Xanax, I started miss some family
I don't see them as much, I know they feel abandoned
I'm workin til I pass out and I don't understand it 
From where I come from every moment we tryna take advantage
I got my prescription prescribed and I ain't hit the pharmacy
I got some homies that done died been on my mind mentally
Roll up the kush and let’s get high and take off to a galaxy
I just wanna be in my zone where nothing bothers me

I believe hard times made me like this
I don’t leave the studio, I like making hits 
There’s broken relationships that I can’t fix
I got bad habits I picked up I can’t kick 
I need my herb, I need my syrup
Now I’m free like a bird 
I make a lot of millz, I had to pop a pill 
Just to get a thrill You don't know how I feel

[Verse 3]
This bitch filed for child-support like I don’t take care of my child 
She want them stacks I got on me, she wanna see me down
I had to take a molly, it lift me off the ground
I watch my dreams come true, I wish my granddad see me now (rest in peace)
I’m tryin to keep everybody happy, bringing me stress
Everything come and collect, when I'm smoking on sex (Kush)
Maybe this is the sound of faith, maybe this a test
I spend a lot of money so I don’t get depressed